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Who Was That Masked Kid?

Ralphie might have wanted a Red Ryder B B gun in Jean Shepherd’s “A Christmas Story”, but the kid in this story wants a lot more. He fantasizes about becoming the Lone Ranger, the Masked Man himself, but is thwarted at every turn. “Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear”, when the Masked Kid tries to realize his dreams, only to discover they may be harder than he thought.

Return of the Masked Kid

Things were just getting started in Who Was That Masked Kid? The kid may have taken off the mask, but now he has a new goal: become a boy genius like Tom Swift. Be with his parents as they run from noxious gases emanating from his room and horrific, weird biological experiments. Discover the secret of the red button and find out why the kid almost killed himself getting to his first job. Be ready. The masked kid has returned,.....